Al Jazeera Perfumes breezed in to the world of fragrances and perfumes in the year 1998 in Doha. The foundation for success was ably laid by the founders who sought to infuse the company with the essence of vigor, vitality and a charm of its own.

Al Jazeera Perfumes’ vision is to be the most sought after name in the field of fragrances and perfumes. The Company’s objective is to cater to elite and sophisticated customers with discerning tastes in perfumes and fragrances and to add to their style quotient by offering a distinct range of perfumes.

Towards this end, Al Jazeera Perfumes has partnered with renowned international brands of perfume makers to offer its customers the most discerning and exquisite fragrances, high quality, upscale lifestyle brands with the finest packaging. Al Jazeera Perfumes believes that packaging of perfumes is as important as the fragrance itself, therefore equal emphasis is given to aesthetics, be it selection of bottles, use of packaging materials, placement and display of the range of perfumes. Everything at Al Jazeera Perfumes is grand and magnificent.

Al Jazeera Perfumes has ambitious growth and expansion plans. The Company’s aim is to spread its aromatic influence far and wide capturing and captivating the mindshare of the elite across the Gulf and redefining the perfumes and aromatherapy industry.