FabyLand is a pulsating world where imagination reigns supreme, and the spirit of adventure thrives. Renowned across the GCC, this avant-garde funhouse serves as a magnetic playground for youngsters, from tiny tots to daring teens. Picture a carousel of excitement where kids can hop from arcade games to heart-pounding rides, from the whimsical soft play areas to the bounce of trampolines. It is an indoor utopia awash in colours and sounds, amped up by a feast of scrumptious food and drink offerings. Want a slice of sheer exhilaration? Choose from a smorgasbord of attractions like the Family Swing, Climbing Walls, Bumper Cars, and the vertigo-inducing Drop N Twist Tower. FabyLand delivers a portfolio of adventures, wrapped up in state-of-the-art technology. This family entertainment odyssey of joy makes every visit an unforgettable chapter in your family’s fun book.

Second FLoor S25