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Ultimate Entertainment Hub at Mall of Muscat: Movies, Games, and More!

A haven for fun and adventure, the Mall of Muscat is a world of wonders to explore. Visit the Mall of Muscat, and you will know why it stands as a beacon of enjoyment and retail splendour, catering to many tastes and preferences. This vibrant entertainment hub offers a profusion of activities that promise to whisk visitors away on an unforgettable journey of fun and discovery. It is a dazzling amusement hub with movies, games, and recreation areas for kids.


For the young and the young at heart, Fabyland presents a medley of fun. This play area, tailored for children of all ages, offers a spectrum of activities, from gentle, soft play zones for the little ones to exciting rides for the more adventurous, ensuring that the echoes of laughter and joy are a constant backdrop.


Xtreme Zone takes the thrill factor up a notch. Here, guests can leap into action with trampoline parks, foam pits, climbing walls, and ninja courses, offering an energetic and adventurous playground for those seeking an adrenaline rush.

Movie enthusiasts will find their paradise at Novo Cinemas, a retreat of cinematic wonders. Showcasing an array of movies from around the globe, this cinema doesn’t just offer a movie night but an unforgettable spectacle, thanks to its cutting-edge technology and captivating ambience.


Complementing the mall’s entertainment portfolio, Fun VR is one of Oman’s largest virtual reality venues. It is a place where the digital world collides with reality, offering an immersive experience that blurs the boundaries between art, technology, reality and fantasy.


For those with a fondness for puzzles and mysteries, Xcape Muscat presents an extraordinary escape room adventure. Teams dive into a world of enigmas, racing against time to decipher clues and break free from the ingeniously designed rooms. It is a delightful way to foster communication and teamwork among friends and family.


At the heart of the mall lies the Oman Aquarium, a mesmerizing underwater realm that spans a staggering 8,000 square meters. On an enchanting underwater journey, visitors are surrounded by a stunning array of marine life, creating a magical experience akin to exploring the ocean’s depths without needing to get wet.


The Mall of Muscat, with diverse brands spanning fashion, lifestyle, sports, and electronics, continues to reign as a premier destination in Oman. A hub of entertainment, the mall is an experience, a journey, a celebration of fun and wonder that awaits every visitor. So come, explore, and lose yourself in the ultimate entertainment hub - where movies, games, and much more come alive under one roof!